Night vision

Integrating military night-vision components into innovative modern digital camera systems is not a trivial task. In-depth knowledge of image intensifiers (I2), imaging sensors and high-speed miniature electronics is key. In addition, traditional algorithms for image enhancement or processing are often not useable due to the behaviour of I2-tubes. And of course optic design comes into play when laser illumination is required. ITS combines all these areas of expertise in a tight team. Ready and eager to accept any well-posed challenge. We serve markets of security and surveillance, law enforcement, safety and transportation

Thermal imaging cameras

Infrared radiation or, to be more specific, thermal radiation (LWIR, long wave infrared) has fundamentally different properties than visual light. These properties are being used in low light circumstances but also for scientific applications. ITS has developed innovative technology that efficiently overcomes the traditional downsides of thermal imaging in terms of noise reduction and thermal influences. This results in an outstanding video quality and thermal sensitivity.

Video under difficult circumstances

With the utilisation of special lighting techniques it becomes possible to obtain usable video in bad weather conditions (snow, rain, fog, dust). Our LIDAR technology synchronizes short pulses of laser light with the super-fast shutter of an image intensifier. The Image intensifier amplifies the reflected laser light and, in conjunction with proper timing of the high-speed shutter, the camera obtains only the desired image information .

Multi sensor / multi spectral imaging

Multi sensor and multi spectral imaging systems apply multiple sensors to obtain information that is not obtainable by means of a single sensor. In most cases two or more sensors or cameras are addressing several regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. For instance: visual light, near infrared, SWIR (short wave infrared) and LWIR (long wave infrared or thermal radiation). Each part of the electromagnetic spectrum has its cons and pros regarding imaging and we can make good use of these facts. ITS has several multi sensor and multi spectral camera systems on the roadmap, for example a system that will deliver (natural) full color video in total darkness.

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    Posted on 29-01-2020

    Vipera is a highly innovative thermal camera core, developed for integration into end user products in various markets like automotive, industrial and defence/security. The came...

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    IPC-A-610 Certified application specialist....

    Posted on 08-01-2020

    During the last week of 2019, 8 of our employees joined the IPC-A-610 certified application specialist course. During the course both theorectical and practical topics of solder...

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