Quartz is a small camera platform with SXGA OLED display for use of integration with a variety of camera cores to quickly develop hand-held imaging systems. Whether it is a thermal core, a Pulsatrix night vision core or even a Low Light Level CMOS core, everything can be transformed into a handheld imaging device with Quartz. A powerfull Cyclone V FPGA offers video processing and OSD overlay functionality with extreme low latency.
- 4 Channel LVDS input
- Open to a multitude of sensors
- FPGA video processing and OSD
- Small form factor

- Digital handheld thermal, CMOS and night vision cameras
- Laser range finders
- Digital weapon sights

Download the preliminary specifications here.

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    ------------Press release-------------- Groningen, 04th of July 2019, The Dutch high tech camera development and manufacturing company Innovative Technical Solutions BV (ITS BV...

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    ITS op DSEI 2019....

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    Van 9 tot en met 13 september zal in Excel in Londen het tweejaarlijkse DSEI plaatsvinden. Tijdens deze grote beurs voor de defensie & security markt zal ITS, net als in 201...

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