Digital night vision:

Cherub fusion modes:

Cherub QVGA night time test:

Pulsatrix product video:

Pulsatrix night vision video:

ShadowBoost and Virtual Iris:

ShadowBoost, extremely improved DRI performance:

Eyelike TIG welding:

Digital Fusion Engine:

Condor camera:

  • its-hightech


    Posted on 29-01-2020

    Vipera is a highly innovative thermal camera core, developed for integration into end user products in various markets like automotive, industrial and defence/security. The came...

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  • its-hightech

    IPC-A-610 Certified application specialist....

    Posted on 08-01-2020

    During the last week of 2019, 8 of our employees joined the IPC-A-610 certified application specialist course. During the course both theorectical and practical topics of solder...

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