Sequoyah core

Sequoyah camera core is our latest development, based on a SONY Pregius sensor. This global shutter sensor is extremely suitable for fast moving environments. Based on the EXMOR technology, this sensor also features good low light level performance and delivers a colour video image during starlight conditions. The board camera has an integrated FPGA and embedded Linux so all camera functionalities can be adjusted by users or OEM manufacturers. Features like gamma correction, white balance and integration time are adjustable. Furthermore the board camera facilitates digital zoom and overlay control for integration of text messages or cross hairs. This makes Sequoyah board camera suitable for integration in for example remote weapon stations, surveillance solutions, situational awareness systems etc. The camera has integrated ShadowBoosttm technology for contrast enhancement of the darkest parts of the scene.

Sequoyah will be available as a box camera for end user control soon.




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