Digital Fusion Engine

ITS has developed a Digital Fusion Engine and camera that (digitally) fuses an image intensified CMOS camera core with a thermal camera core. In this way operators can utilize the best of both worlds, improving their Detection, Recognition and Identification performance. Hidden or camouflaged targets become visible through use of the thermal part of the spectrum but also lights will be visible since the engine has "smart fusion". At the same time the camera has the possibility to detect a hidden target, as well as seeing through glass by fusing both the visible and thermal spectrum. Underneath a video of the engine working, at minute 1:23 you will clearly see the power of fusion. When interested in the technology contact or fill in the form below.

Digital Fusion Engine:

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  • its-hightech

    Buzzard is coming....

    Geplaatst op 30-01-2018

    Coming in Q2 2018, our revolutionary "Buzzard" camera! This 50MP camera houses our proprietary BitSqueeze technology which compresses the enormous amount of data to...

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  • its-hightech


    Geplaatst op 26-01-2018

    Sinds vandaag mag ITS zich ook een erkend leerbedrijf noemen en wel voor de opleiding technicus engineering. MBO4 studenten met een passie voor hightech camera technologie ontwi...

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