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Monitoring pattern of life, target acquisition, real time night vision, long range video for surveillance. Without the need for illumination and the chance to be detected. ITS Alligator is a versatile night vision camera delivering video with the quality of night vision goggles. Analogue PAL or digital HD-SDI, Plug and play video data. 24/7 surveillance for even darkest targets. Connectable to any digital or analogue video recorder/transmitter for target acquisition, evidence recording. Battle damage assessment, reconnaissance video, close perimeter surveillance, Alligator is a multi-mission night vision camera. Created for operators in need of a night vision camera that can be setup quickly, is lightweight so easy to carry and easy to operate and has a low power consumption. All of this makes Alligator the ideal, multi role, night vision camera. Designed for military users, Alligator lets you see the details in the dark, through glass, detect, recognise and identify. The Alligator features the innovative Virtual Iris™ protection system for the image intensifier. Therefore the camera is perfect for static surveillance purposes. Detection, Recognition and Identification down to overcast starlight (<0.7mlux).

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    Geplaatst op 26-01-2018

    Sinds vandaag mag ITS zich ook een erkend leerbedrijf noemen en wel voor de opleiding technicus engineering. MBO4 studenten met een passie voor hightech camera technologie ontwi...

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