Ultimate night vision for surveillance platforms, created with our partner Nedinsco. Bellatrix is your number one, ruggedized, continuous optical zoom, night vision camera. Completely passive and based on ITS' Pulsatrix, this camera gives you night vision with 10x optical zoom and f1.8 over the entire focal range. No additional illumination is needed down to overcast nights since the low f number allows for high photon capture performance. Bellatrix is the best long range night vision camera on the market today. Whether you are looking to replace/upgrade your current night vision sensor or want to expand your present solution with features that thermal can't offer, Bellatrix is the perfect solution for the proffessional. This camera is designed to be MilSTD and can therefore be fitted directly onto a gun or weapon station. 

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    Buzzard is coming....

    Geplaatst op 30-01-2018

    Coming in Q2 2018, our revolutionary "Buzzard" camera! This 50MP camera houses our proprietary BitSqueeze technology which compresses the enormous amount of data to...

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    Geplaatst op 26-01-2018

    Sinds vandaag mag ITS zich ook een erkend leerbedrijf noemen en wel voor de opleiding technicus engineering. MBO4 studenten met een passie voor hightech camera technologie ontwi...

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